Monday, February 25, 2013

Steering Wheel Hygiene

The W124, being a classic car, also means that the parts within the car are also quite of age.
The steering wheel and gear knob, being the most commonly touched, needs to be kept clean for hygiene sake.
If your steering wheel has not been wiped and disinfected recently, it'd be a good practice to do so regularly for good hygiene and preventing any contact-based diseases.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clearing the myth of Ignition Advance Angle on the 8v M102 engines

For all the (pre-91 non-cat) 8v M102 engine owners,
(this includes the 200e, 230e and some variants of the 190e)
when was the last time you had your ignition advance angle checked?

There were some myths of setting it to a certain angle in order for optimized performance..

And as the M102 engine ignition angle/timing adjustment has to be done manually with a timing light, the process is quite tedious and no workshops seems to have a good answer of what is the best timing to adjust it to based on the current octane level of petrol versus the grade of petrol's octane level available back then.

By looking at the close up picture of the trigger wheel, one will understand that it is impossible to attain 13 degrees or 18 degrees.