Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Open Pod setup on the Mercedes W124/W201 M102 engine

This is the current setup of my M102 engine that seats in a W124 chassis.

The original air filter box was removed and replaced with the pod filter setup shown.
The main reason of removing the air filter box was because the crankcase breather hose inlet to the airbox was dripping crankcase oils all over engine bay and also to prevent heat soak to the Intake Air Temperature(IAT) sensor during long idles.

The IAT sensor is connected to the Megasquirt ECU that is responsible for the fuelling algorithm to the engine.

The open pod setup is also relevant to KE-Jetronic/CIS-E driven M102 engines.

Here's what's needed.

CIS-E Intake boot from older Volkswagen Golf GTI
Stainless steel/Aluminium intake pipe
Open Pod filter
Misc Silicone Couplers for mating with existing airflow meter inlet(~4") and/or open pod filters

If you are interested to find out where I obtained my parts for the pod filter conversion or would like to see more detailed pictures... do send me an email ( farbird@hotmail.com ).

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