Thursday, March 13, 2014

Update #1 on Airflow potentiometer replacement project

Following my post about replacing the airflow potentiometer with a modern alternative, here are some updates

Parts are in.

Simulated input vs output testing.

Using a truck throttle position sensor to vary the input signal and created the output signal.

Using PWM to drive a RC circuit to achieve an analog signal to be seen by the ECU correctly.

The results are quite pleasing. Achieving less than 10ms of delay between the actual response of the output signal mirroring the input PWM.

Click to enlarge to see the 2 lines more clearly

The best way to reduce the haze is to drive

Every car is equipped with an intake air filter.

The engine draws in filtered air, combustion occurs, carbon dioxide and water comes out of the exhaust.

So technically speaking, the dust in the hazy air is trapped by your intake air filter.

Dirty hazy air goes in, carbon dioxide and water comes out.

The perfect environment air filtration device for the haze that we are experiencing now.

There's your lousy excuse to bring your W124,W201,W126,W140,R129s etc for a drive.

And if the missus asks, show her this page!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Marshall Protocol Explanation and Location

Bought a "Mobius" action camera and created a small video of my journey to the weekly Marshall Protocol meetup for Singapore W124 owners group in Facebook .

Video is best viewed using desktops/laptops to see the annotations.
Annotations will not appear in mobile devices viewing this video

For the W124 owners in Singapore unaware of what is Marshall Protocol, it is a weekly gathering of classic Mercedes Benz owners such as the W124,W201,W126,R129 etc.